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Beifushu Eye Drops
Recombinant Bovine Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Eye Drops
Specification 21000IU/5ml/bottle
Beifushu is a national  category I new drug developed and manufactured by Zhuhai Essex Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., the first domestic eye drops that can stimulate corneal reparation and improve healing quality of cornea.
The API of Beifushu is recombinant bovine basic fibroblast growth factor ( rb-bFGF ), which can stimulate the reparation and regeneration of tissues derived from the mesoderm and ectoderm. The specific combination of rb-bFGF with the wounded ocular surface(including corneal epithelial cells, endothelial cell and stromal cells)  can trigger tissue repair activley by promting cell division, proliferation, migration and differentiation, so as to accelerate the healing of corneal wounds and improve the healing quality of cornea.
· Protect cornea and promote the regeneration of cornea
· Repair cornea and accelerate the restoration of cornea function
· Accelerate the healing and shortening the healing time
· Safe and effective treatment without any side effect
Clinical Application
· Various corneal defects and punctate keratopathy
· Recurrent punctate keratopathy in the shallow layer
· Mild or moderate dry eye
· Corneal operation and poor corneal healing after surgery
· Geographic (or nutritional) herpes simplex keratitis
· Ballous keratitis
· Corneal abrasion, mild and moderate chemical burns
《National Drug List for Basic Medical Insurance, Work Related Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance (2019)》
Medical Guidelines
· Expert Consensus of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Corneal Epithelial Lesions in China, 2016
· Expert Consensus of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Laser Corneal Refractive Surgery, 2015
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