Attract Talents, Cultivate Talents, Retain
Talents and Build a Career Development Platform
Team Culture
Team Philosophy
  • Always communicate, understand, one breath, one destiny
Working Policy
  • Discuss, decide, act and gain
Living Security  
  • Qualified talents are entitled to living subsidies and rental subsidies supported by government. i.e. Rental subsidies can be offered up to 36 months and CNY250,000 at maximum amount.
Holiday Welfares  
  • During traditional holidays, employees are entitled to certain holiday benefits.
Accident Insurance  
  • Purchase accident insurance for eligible employees
Team building activities  
  • Organize employee team building activities regularly or irregularly
Excellent Performance Commendation  
  • The annual commendation meeting held by the company each year aims to reward employees and teams with outstanding contributions.
*For employees based in Mainland China
Staff Training and Promotion
Talent Incubation
  • New employee induction training program includes company introduction, personnel policy, financial knowledge, IT system, product knowledge, R&D introduction, EHS and other training courses,help employees understand the company and adapt to their positions
  • Job skill training: a combination of internal training and external public courses to enhance job skills of staff
  • Management skills training: Invite external professional lecturers to company for training
Career Development
  • Establish a dual-channel career path for employees, including professional channel and management channel, and give full play to the potential of employees to achieve the development for both employees and company
Job Opportunities
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